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Quality Control (QC) Is a Critical Step in the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Industry

Every pharmaceutical manufacturer must demonstrate that their products are consistently manufactured, safe, potent, and pure. The number of tests that must be run by QC labs continues to rise to meet the ever-increasing QC requirements of global regulatory agencies.

Our analytical sample preparation solutions combine our legendary quality and reliability with our design wisdom to provide the very best in high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry, ion chromatography (LC-MS, IC), or inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) filtration solutions.

  • Fast, simple, & economical
  • Low retention volumes & maximal recoveries
  • Almost zero leachables or extractables

Increase the Reproducibility of Your QC Results in 4 Easy Steps

Arium Mini ultrapure water system


Cubis® high-capacity micro balances for preparation of calibration standards in the pharmaceutical laboratory

Preparation of Standards



Sample Prep Quality Control Resources

Water Makes the Difference

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Ultrapure water for HPLC analysis application note

Ultrapure Water for HPLC Analysis - The Role of Ultrapure Water

HPLC is an analytical procedure for separation, identification and quantification of substances using liquid chromatography.

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Sample Preparation for Analytical Quality Control

Solutions for Pharmaceutical Sample Prep Quality Control

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Non-optimized Sample Prep

Chromatogram with pronounced background noise and peak tailing

In HPLC analysis, problems originating from sample preparation can occur.

  Possible blockage of your HPLC column

  Lower sensitivity of your HPLC column

  Peak Tailing

  More false-positive peaks

  Higher background noise


Optimized Sample Prep

Chromatogram with a stable baseline and symmetrical peaks

Using Sartorius products to prepare samples for HPLC prevents the usual problems from occurring and permits higher analytical accuracy to be attained.

  • No blockage of your HPLC column
  • Higher sensitivity of your HPLC column
  • Higher accuracy
  • Fewer false-positive peaks
  • Less background noise
  • No leachables

Sartorius Solutions for Laboratory Weighing

Pharma Compliant Weighing

Sartorius’s Cubis® II is designed to follow US FDA data integrity principles that require data to be accurate, legible, contemporaneous, original, and attributable (ALCOA).

The Cubis® II balance, with the Pharma package, contains all the technical controls to support full compliance with common regulations.

Discover Cubis® II

Intuitive Workflows Ensure Safety

Cubis® II balances were designed for intuitive operation, aided by intelligent assistant systems. This not only includes an on-board QApp center but other features like status center, gesture control, automated motorized leveling and isoCal function, build-in ionizer, climate module, which all contribute to the correct usage of the balance.

This guarantees a higher degree of repeatability of the different workflows, while lowering the probability of human error during the measurement steps.

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